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Ahaie Tengwar Angulócello (Rants From the Dragon)

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I am a dragon of the Eastern type. In day-to-day life, I disguise myself as human so as to avoid being mobbed by McCaffrey and Tolkien groupies.

As a scholarly dragon, I hoard books rather than gold. My favourite fiction authors vary from moment to moment, but a representative list would include plaidder, Neil Gaiman, Peter O'Donnell, Patrick Califia, Samuel Delaney, Tanith Lee, Ursula LeGuin, Joanna Russ, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Sarah Schulman, James Tiptree, and John Varley. My nonfiction tastes include history (the older the better), astronomy and evolutionary biology, and an eclectic mix of muckraking, public affairs, cultural studies, and personal essays.

I collect comic books about superheroines. Not the new stuff that's all about anorexic pneumatic "women" whose heads are drawn smaller than their breasts, but classic gold, silver, and bronze age comics featuring heroines like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl. Somehow I never managed to get into Marvel.

I write, not often enough. Sometimes comic book based F/F slash fiction, other times original science fiction. I occasionally natter on about computer hardware, or computer RPGs.

Like many dragons I have a strong preference for maidens. In this regard I am extraordinarily lucky to have met the lovely morgan_dhu, with whom I have been blissfully living in sin since 1998.